Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves are Fabricated Design with lens Disc. Double eccentric positioning of the disc permits smooth raising and resting of the disc-seal from / on the sealing surface.They have double sealing system on the shafts and special profile of the disc seal for positive, long term tightness with standard seals materials BTV valves may be used in liquid and gaseous service for temperatureupto 150 degree C

  • Design Std.: BS5155, Testing Std.: BS 6755 Part 1
  • Dimension ASNF B 16.10 and BS EN 558:200A.
  • Positive Bi Directional shutoff at full rating
  • Low Operating Torque.
  • Suitable to mount between ANSI / BS / DIN flanges.
  • Replaceable liner / Seat
  • Positively Locked Shafts
  • Lever with Throtting Plate for different positions.
  • Pressure rating – PN10/PN16.
  • Temp. Range : -20 to +120 degree C.
  • Extended Spindle for buried
  • Locking arrangement
  • Gear/Pneumatic/Electrical Actuator
  • Higher Pressure rating upto PN40
  • Further Moc's like UPVC/CPVC/PPH/PVDF can be availed in the range 40mm to 300 mm under 150 class rating.